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The Power Of Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life


Today .. the concept of positive thinking has permeated our modern psycology and our culture. It is a philosophy of faith that does not ignore life’s problems, but rather explains a practical approach to life’s full potential. It is a system of creative living based on spiritual techniques, and its operation is demonstrated in the lives of thousands of people. The bottom line is that these are timeless truths that will work today and tomorrow .. and everyday. The powerful principles contained here are given to us by THE GREATEST TEACHER WHO EVER LIVED .. Jesus Christ and The Holy Scriptures Still Live Today! 

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Words of Wisdom - help to strengthen your faith, lift your spirits and spark positive changes in your life.


Inspiring quotes are like vitamins for the soul. From the heartfelt to the humorous, the words of wisdom you’ll find here will strengthen your faith, lift your spirits, and even spark a positive change in your life.


This collection of some our favorite inspirational quotes from religious figures, world leaders, authors, celebrities and folks just like you will comfort, amuse, enlighten, and—above all—inspire you.

I’ve accepted Jesus as My Lord, My Savior - now what do I do?

I’ve accepted Jesus as My Lord, My Savior - now what do I do?

All Things Are New .. and surely, you will have questions .. upon questions .. How can I deepen my relationship with God? .. Why should I read the Bible? ..  Why pray? What is prayer for? .. I still have the impulse to sin. What does that mean?
First of all .. get it inside your head that you do not need to get caught up in the "Religious Performance Trap" ..  it's like a treadmill - lots of activity, burning energy - but going nowhere! Isn’t it ironic that you spend all that energy and great effort without really going anywhere?

So it is with people who try to work their way to "righteousness" .. Many New Christians grow stagnant in their faith because they expend tremendous energy trying to attain some lofty ideal of their New Christian experience. Understand that grace is what saved you - UNMERITED FAVOR - The Grace of God, through the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary! .. nothing else paid the "price" for your sin debt!

Now What ?? ..  do I need to "pay God back" with good works in order to remain saved?? .. Do you believe you need to maintain a mental or psychological "checklist" to ensure that you do what you should and resist what you should not? Are you closer to living under the law than under God’s grace? .. When you act outside of God’s will, your life runs on your own strength - so if you begin now to understand the end result of doing things in your own strength will be exhaustion, anger, frustration, withdrawal, bitterness .. and all kinds of negative things - The real Christian experience requires only that we have faith in Jesus Christ and abide in Him, the true Vine - Take Time And Read John 15:1-17 .. about The Vine and the Branches. 
How difficult to understand - You Can’t Do Anything to Make God Love You More - Nor can you do anything to make Him love you less. This is the liberating truth! Your heavenly Father isn’t keeping score - we can’t pay Him back for His grace. In fact, no amount of good works can pay the debt of love we owe. The apostle Paul wrote, “The Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor” (Gal. 3:24-25). He explained that there is no way we can keep God’s moral code perfectly. We need a Savior.
Even after we become Christians, God doesn’t want us to add law to His grace. He wants obedience, of course. But obedience is the overflow of a heart full of love, not legalism. When Jesus tells us to keep His commandments, He emphasizes that obedience shows others we love Him ( John 14:31 ). The moral law shows us our need of a Savior. But we cannot obey the Lord Jesus without His help. We are children wanting to please the Father because we love Him. This delivers us from legalism and keeps us grounded in grace, not only for salvation, but also for living the Christian life.
Living by Grace
The Scriptures compare our relationship with God to a race. Paul calls us to run so that we may win (1 Cor. 9:24) .. and the author of Hebrews adds that we are to do so with endurance ( Heb. 12:1 ). Only by running on the wings of grace can believers triumphantly finish the course God has assigned for each one of His children. The legs of performance eventually grow weak, the muscles of legalism and religion weigh us down and become rigid hindrances. Our main problem is that we can understand the need for grace in salvation, but we tend to rely on other means for the process of sanctification.
How can you cease striving and struggling and get off the performance treadmill, and learn to walk in grace? Here is the key: the more you humble yourself before God, the more you will receive the fullness of His grace.
God “gives grace to the humble” ( 1 Peter 5:5 ). Not to the strong, but to the weak. Not to the self-sufficient, but to the dependent. Grace belongs to the poor in spirit—in other words, those who humble themselves by recognizing God’s majesty and worshipping Him. The more you adore and praise the Savior, the more highly you’ll think of Him. Humbling yourself won’t reduce your self-esteem or diminish your worth to God. Rather, it positions you to receive your sustenance from the source of all good things, Jesus Christ. As a humble believer, cast yourself on the grace of God, leaning on Him with your full weight. Draw all your strength, peace, joy, and security from the sufficiency of the Holy Spirit living within you. Be strong in grace. Throw off the chains of works and “religion,” and receive the remarkable power of God’s merciful lovingkindness.

Begin each day with a simple prayer and a short reading of Scripture .. and begin with learning to pray the way that Jesus taught .. Get into a study of The Lords Prayer.

The Truth of God - Seeking and Asking How to Be Set Free

The Truth That Sets Us Free

Read | John 8:25-32

God desires the best for each of His children, but sometimes we become trapped in habits, thoughts, and negative emotions that interfere with His plans for us. However, Jesus offers us a way out. If we'll continue in His Word, we'll know the truth that sets us free from whatever is holding us in bondage.

To "continue" in the Word means to be consistently reading and applying it to our lives. Then we'll know what God says and be able to recognize the traps that threaten to ensnare us. What's more, we'll understand the benefits accompanying our salvation that enable us to stand firm in truth without being led astray. Those benefits include . . .

Our position: Through faith in Christ, we've entered into a personal relationship with God. Now, as His children, we have ready access to His throne along with the assurance that He'll hear our prayers.

Our provision: God gave the Bible to guide and encourage us in all situations.

Our promises: By relying on the promises He has given us, we'll become partakers of God's nature and escape the world's corrupting influence (2 Pet. 1:4).

Our protection: As we walk obediently with Christ, He strengthens and protects us so we won't fall into the traps of the evil One (2 Thess. 3:3).

The first step to living in freedom is to recognize any sins, attitudes, or negative emotions that are dominating your life. Then get grounded in the truth of Scripture and claim God's promises and provisions by faith. He's ready to deal with any type of bondage the moment you cry out to Him for help.

Reproduced from email from InTouch Ministries - Dr. Charles Stanley.

Foundations of Your Faith - Initiation Into Salvation

Foundations of Our Faith: SALVATION - Your Initiation into Salvation

A few years after the resurrection of Jesus, the writer of the Book of Acts tells the story of a jailer who was very frightened because there had been an earthquake and he thought some of his prisoners were escaping. Two of them, Paul and Silas, were followers of Christ - they quickly assured the jailer that no prisoners were getting away. Then the jailer, seeing that God had worked a miracle, asked how he could be saved.

The answer the believers gave him was very simple. It is found in Acts 16:31, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved." So the first step that must be taken to enter salvation is to believe in the Lord Jesus.

In what way must we believe? Again the Bible has the answer. It says that we must accept Him as our Lord and Savior, and depend on Him to take us to heaven. "These have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through your faith in him you may have life" (John 20:31).

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we must also turn from sin. We must repent and ask God, through Jesus' Blood to forgive us and make us clean. If we ask Him to do this, we must also trust that He does forgive and cleanse us. Remember John 1:9 (NIRV) .. 9 But God is faithful and fair. If we admit that we have sinned, he will forgive us our sins. He will forgive every wrong thing we have done. He will make us pure.

This acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior is done simply by talking to Him as you would to your best friend. ( Jehovah Shammah ) If you have never taken this step, just tell God that you want to accept the forgiveness He offers through the Blood of Jesus -The Son of God.

Perhaps you could say in your own words something like this: "Father in Heaven - I recognize that I am a sinner. I'm sorry for my sin and ask Your forgiveness through The Blood of Jesus - cleanse me and keep me from all unrighteousness ( wrong living ) .. I accept the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus who died for me. I take Him now as my Lord and Savior. Thank You. Amen."

Once you have sincerely prayed this, you can trust that your sins are forgiven! You can praise and thank God that you belong to Him, that you are His child.

Today's Memory Verses:
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6
But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. John 1:12

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